Web design, implementation and management

Exercises to be completed in Workshop 2

(From Møller and Schwartzbach, 2006, pp.56 - 57)

For help, see the lecture notes for Lecture 2, which are available here.

  1. Design an XML language to represent driving directions. For an example of a set of driving directions, see There are many different possible correct solutions. Try to make yours a fine-grained model. Convert to fit into your new XML language.
  2. Write the textual representation of the XML tree shown at
  3. Add the ravioli recipe, available here to the recipe collection XML file, which you can find here. Make sure the result is well-formed.
  4. Consider the document
    1. Which namespaces do the elements foo, bar and baz belong to?
    2. Which namespaces do the attributes qux, quux and corge belong to?