CIS320 Final-year project topic suggestions

Supervised by David Meredith

I am very happy to supervise any final-year project in one or more of the following areas:

  1. music informatics or music information retrieval
  2. Java programming
  3. XML technologies

Here are some suggested topics:

  1. Build a MIDI sequencer in Java with a graphical user interface.
  2. Build a music notation editor in Java that reads and writes files in MusicXML format.
  3. Build a stand-alone Java program or a web page that evaluates XPath 2.0 expressions.
  4. Build a Web-based system that allows the user to input a short melody and finds all the occurrences of the melody or similar melodies in a collection of MIDI files.
  5. Build a Java program that takes a MIDI file as input and generates a correctly notated score as output (HARD).
  6. Build a Java program that takes a MIDI file of a passage of music for guitar as input and outputs tablature that correctly describes how the passage should be played.